Stephen R. Covey ~ A Reflection

I'd like to acknowledge Stephen R. Covey's unfortunate passing. I gained so much from his teachings.  They helped me be a better man, strive to be a worthy father and set me on a course for my life that was aligned with my ultimate "end in mind." I'm not there yet, but I take aligned action every day of my life.

Stephen R. Covey was real, he was a good man and he made an enormous contribution. I aspire to the same.  To stand for something of significance, to create a legacy...

I wish his family peace.

For more details about Stephen's passing, please click here.

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  1. This is a big loss to the business world as well as those who embraced the 7 habits. RIP

  2. Well said. Hearing of his passing yesterday caused me to reflect as well on what his work has meant to me and the teams I’ve been a part of over my career.
    Stephen Covey’s work was distinctive in that it wasn’t pioneering research. Rather, he had the gift and ability to distill it all down to the essence. The ability to rise above the noise and get to the core of fundamental human principles around self mastery and personal effectiveness was really a gift he was given.
    As a test of how profound they (the 7 Habits) were, they continue to flourish not just in business but in education, parenting, etc.
    While anyone can understand them it takes a lifetime to learn to live them out. Thanks Mr. Covey for showing us a powerful way to achieve our dreams and to help others reach their goals.

    • Exactly, Dennis. Through “Seven Habits…”, Covey powerfully packaged many of the core principals my parents taught me (and tried to teach me!)

  3. After only two conversations with Stephen, I felt a connection to his expressed warmth and caring. If I could only have five people to talk with for the rest of my life, Stephen would definitely be one. As he told me, “You don’t have to be the creator, just the appreciator.

  4. Begin with the end in mind. Sharpen the saw. Think Win-Win or no deal. I read his book a long time ago but those habits have stayed with me. He has an enduring legacy and made our lives better for his effective habits.

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