Residential Renewables Open House

You are cordially invited to our Residential Renewables Open House
Saturday July 9th from 1–5 pm
231 Parkview Drive, Rochester, NY 14625

self reliance box mockup

There will be guided tours at 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 pm for groups of 10 on a first come first serve basis. If you can’t make it on the hour feel free to stop by any time between 1–5 pm and join in or walk around on your own and explore, engage and get energized.

We’ll show you and speak to all we’ve built since 2000 including our solar array, cisterns, soaker irrigation system, square foot garden, vertical gardens, perennial [vegetable – fruit] garden, wood burner, firewood stock, distiller – carbon filter for drinking water, compost bin, honey bees, etc.

We’ll also address all we’re working towards including geothermal, battery storage, aquaponics, root cellar, vermiculture, biochar, next level cistern water purification, expanded solar array, electric car, solar thermal hot water, etc.

For some background context we purchased our home in 2000 when our son Stephen was two years old and I gradually developed a threefold vision for our property and built it, roughly in this sequence:

  1.  A child’s paradise.
  2.  A garden and sculpture sanctuary.
  3.  An ever-more self-reliant homestead.

I mention this because you will see it all running through our little homestead, but the focus of this event is the third. Stephen is now 18, just graduated from high school and will be leaving for collage in the fall. So I’m seeking ways to re-purpose the Child’s Paradise part to serve underprivileged children. I’d welcome your ideas.

For clarity’s sake the objectives of this event are to:

  1.  Have fun, be informative and informal.
  2.  Mutually brainstorm ideas to drive to higher levels of self-reliance on half (½) a suburban acre.
  3.  Promote Geotherm’s current offerings of solar electric and geothermal in a relaxed non-commercial manner. Jesse (Owner Geotherm) and I both abhor the hard sell.
  4.  Begin to assess market interest for additional offerings in the Residential Renewables sector for Geotherm to develop next.

Where could this lead? Check out this video about a “Self-Sustaining Neighborhood that Produces Its Own Power and Food” (let it fully load, little delay there…)

So come with a note pad, let’s get busy brainstorming and have some fun and laughs while we do!

In Light,

Logistical Considerations:

  1. An RSVP would be much appreciated so we have some idea of attendance level.
  2. Please park on the same side of the road as our home.
  3. Please fill out and stick on a name tag as that makes it friendlier.
  4. This is shine or rain, that’s what rain gear is for.
  5. Soft drinks will be provided at no charge.



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