Recreation in Motion, Part 3 (or Hey, I have OPTIONS!)

Wow, I just realized my last communication was on October 23, 2012.

So much for the one substantive post per month theory, sorry, lots of other stuff in the works…

But, how can I help you actually apply Mid-Life Re-Creation if I don’t communicate?

Well here goes…

This post is the third in a series I’ll refer to as:

It is meant to be a sequel that helps you implement my holistic system (The Prosperity Pyramid) by ongoing example.

As always, I’ll be candid about my struggles, temporary failures, fork in the road choices and success.

The underlying ideas and concepts can apply to anyone, starting in high school.

But I want them to apply to you, now!

I dropped the “Mid-Life” part above because it can apply to young folks, like my nephews Zach (33) and Adam (29). I wonder if they’ll read this.

But in a young person’s case we should call it “Life-Creation In Motion!”

You might want to refresh your memory on Part I and Part II before reading this!

Our paths are usually crooked, with bewildering forks in the road.

Posts I, II, and III are those forks in the road for me.

Making the right choices at these critical points is key to achieving prosperity, as you see it.

So what is my basic premise?

Economic recessions may come and go, at least according to the “reported” numbers.

But this current “recession of the middle class” is different.

The world and global rules have changed, dramatically so.

The nature of work is shifting, slippery swamp muck beneath our feet…

So, being dependant on one stream of income, that is employee based, tax disadvantaged, and not under our control is the kiss of financial disaster when we lose our job.

Especially in the midst of a “jobless recovery,” when traditional work can seem nearly non-existent, temporary, poorly paid or simply a repetitive cycle of acquisition and loss.

Our once happy social contract of the industrial age has not only been shredded, but burned is effigy.

What I propose is to always be developing multiple streams of income centered around the sweet spot of our passions, gifts and skills.

Even when you’re an employee, and starting in high school.

Ideally, each stream of income should be structured to have high active income ($/Hr), semi-passive income and tax advantages, especially semi-passive income.

But, most importantly, we’d better be able to monetize it honorably and live through “The Dip” until we make the cash flow happen.

Otherwise it isn’t a professional passion, it is a personal passion, and that’s ok.

We need both, but we better quickly figure out which is which.

As you know from my book I love sculpture and landscape architecture, but have no delusions about creating an income stream around either, although I’d love to.

But hey, look at these! It’s a personal passion that “rejuvenates” me.

Photographs courtesy of Alex Garfield (PEACE OF CLOTH, Cure By Design , Connor's Heroes, Dress for Success)

The danger I see for all too many, including me, is to get lost in the “echo chamber of our own introversion and ideas”, working on instead of in the venture.

As Seth Godin points out, we better develop our offering, ship it, test it, evaluate the results and then either succeed, or fail quick, and move on.

Conceiving great concepts is easy, creating good cash flow from them is not…

So are you clear on what your professional versus personal passions are?

What are they? Did you list them?

Is what I propose easy and quick?

Absolutely not!

We should have been doing it over the full course of our lives, not after a dislocation at Mid-Life, in the midst of a global shift, when we’re caring for kids and elders.

On the other hand, being long term unemployed isn’t easy or quick either, is it.

Especially when we feel we have no recourse and lose hope…

This is why over the past ten years I’ve been working on and in many little ventures, with multiple streams of income in each. That’s the income side!

I’ve also been building an ever more self-reliant homestead, focusing our expenses on “what matters the most” and cutting down the rest. That’s the expense side!

Remember, once our semi-passive income exceeds our expenses then we have greater independence and breathe so much more easily. We have recourse!

“This is true abundance:

to cower before no one and no thing,

to honor the life we have been given,

and to dare to open to our fullness.”

– Rick Jarow,

“Creating the Work You Love: Courage, Commitment, Career.”

I’ve achieved this “Grace” for certain periods of time, like the year (2011) I took to write Mid-Life Re-Creation. I felt fully engaged, completely alive and had the semi-passive income to cover us!

So, unless you tell me different, my communications will focus on helping you in two areas:

1.  Understanding how you can create multiple streams of income for your family, even as an employee. We’ll leverage this global shift, not get crushed by it.

2.  Sharing ideas that I’ve actually built out with my son, Stephen, that increase our self-reliance, reduce our expenses and contribute to sustainability. Better yet, all in unison. Check out below!

 “Square Foot Garden”

The idea is to obtain greater productivity, diversity, aesthetic pleasure and less weeding!


 “The Mother of All Cisterns”

Stephen and Will by the 375 gallon supply we built together.

Thx Carm!


 “Parts of our 2-3 Year Wood Supply”

This section with Robbie Kitty Guarding it!


 More wood Stephen and I hauled, split and stacked.


More wood seasoning!


 “The Mother of All Compost Bins”

(4 X 8 X 5)


My goal is to help you do what I’ve done and continue to do.

I never again want to experience the despair I felt when I was unemployed or underemployed for 1.5 years.

I do want you to experience the exhilaration I feel now doing what I love, while serving others.

As well as the deep satisfaction that comes from providing ever increasing levels of self-reliance and independence for our little family.

On the other hand, I’m struggling some right now, and I need to make some choices about what to pursue, monetize honorably or let go.

Yet another fork in the road…

If you do as I suggest, you’ll face these hard fork in the road choices too.

I hope to help you make the right choice, for your path, by continuing to walk mine.

Stay tuned…

Last, if you could do any of these things it would help me to serve those who need my book. I need all the help I can get to spread the word.

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Anyone is welcome to the PDF version of my book for FREE if they’re:

  • Unemployed.
  • Underemployed.
  • Feeling crushed by their job, but desperately afraid of losing it.
  • Or their 401K has been hit hard and their concerned it won’t ever recover in time.

And they can download it here Free PDF.

In Light!



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