Re-Creation in Motion: Part 1 (or Hey, I got a GIG!)

I have some good news I feel compelled to share with you, not to be self-absorbed, but because it offers tangible examples of Mid-Life Re-Creation in motion. My hope is it gives you ideas to apply in your life. Try to think about how you might as you read ok.

For those of you who have already read Mid-Life Re-Creation you know I was able to co-create through my BioFuels and BioTech consulting business in 2010 a semi-passive stream of income that would cover my expenses for one and a half years. I choose to use that money to self fund a sabbatical for a year (2011) to write Mid-Life Re-Creation and invest in My Team to help me build the web based business systems around it, self publish it and honorably promote it. Although this year has been a very creative period, it has also been very isolating (although I love my virtual team) and lacking any strong technology focus. I’m tired of working out of my home office or being a coffee shop nomad, plus I find myself actually craving being back at the intersection of technology and business, while working face to face with a strong team.

As I also mentioned in Mid-Life Re-Creation one of my work passions is to be a key driver in a small, entrepreneurial growth company where I can work on the development and commercialization of a contributing technology. Well guess what, I just landed a 3 month, 4 days per week consulting contract starting Jan 3rd with a local, small entrepreneurial growth company that has amazing potential and products in the energy and nanotechnology space. Here are all the good things about it:

  1. I’ll have a nice office environment to go to every Monday and be working with a strong team of like minded individuals.
  2. I’ll work with my friends Gary (a close friend of 31 years) and Ken (Founder, CTO, brilliant inventor and a good guy).
  3. The office is about 4 miles from our home and the dress code is very casual. (Yea!)
  4. I can work on a 4 day per week basis and still be able to drive my other initiatives, like Mid-Life Re-Creation, etc.
  5. I can run the income through my S-Corp, minimize taxes, and continue to build our safety net after this year long sabbatical.
  6. I can start Tues Jan 3nd, have the time in between to get my other initiatives in order and savor some rejuvenation time with my family.
  7. I’ll be back working in a technology based business, in a commercialization role, that taps my hybrid skills of technology, business and communication. Even better it is in one of my right livelihood areas at a peak gift, skill and passion level!
  8. This could lead to an ongoing role in the company. ( a key driver in a small entrepreneurial growth company working on the development and commercialization of a contributing technology.)
  9. Plus, with multiple new technology platforms there is always the potential to spin one out as a separate entity and then, who knows…

Even better, this is an example of full circle good Karma. In 1980, 31 years ago, when my friend Gary started at Kodak, one year after me, he ran out of cash. He asked me if he could borrow a couple of bucks, I handed him 5 or 10 and said forget about it. Although I can barely remember this is was apparently significant to Gary, because he did remember it. In 2003 when I lost my job, and had been unemployed for 9 months, Gary got me a contract position in an organization he lead, which was a lifeline of income for my little family. Then in May of 2009 I met Ken and who was asking then if I was interested in joining his company. At that point I handed the opportunity off to Gary because he was now unemployed and to pay him back for helping me when I was unemployed, plus I was heavily involved in BioFuels. Now we’ve come full circle again because Gary helped pave the way for this new opportunity with Ken. And so it goes my friends, and so it goes…

So my questions to you are how can you apply these re-creation in motion actions to your life? What good karma have you created that can flow back to you?

“We can reach our potential, but to do so, we must reach within ourselves. We must summon the strength, the will, and the faith to move forward - to be bold - to invest in our future.” - John Hoeven

May You Savor the Holidays with Your Family!


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