What Is the Prosperity Pyramid and How Can It Help Me?

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The Prosperity Pyramid is a holistic system I inadvertently invented while struggling to Re-Create my work and life. It takes a fundamental, bottom-up approach to attain true prosperity and abundance. It integrates and aligns everything, from our beliefs to our actions, in all the roles of our lives. It is a holistic, step-by-step system that can help lead you on the road to a prosperous and happy life.

I've written more about the Prosperity Pyramid in the Manifesto. Where are you on your own Prosperity Pyramid?

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  1. Hey Steve!
    Found you through Hank and Yvonne over at VonHenry Media when learning how to do my own videos.
    Your book is going to SPEAK to me, my brother.
    My readers are always bugging me for my next book, so I’m going to bug you to get Mid-Life Re-Recreation out as soon as possible!

    – Bill

  2. Hey Bill My Brother!
    Please tell Hank and Yvonne I appreciate them spreading the word.
    Need all the help I can get. 🙂

    Happy to hear it will speak to you. I have given my all to this project.

    My advisors are telling me to target an early Jan 2012 launch, so that is the plan now.
    As you well know there is much to learn and execute as a first time author.

    In Light!

  3. john mccloskey says:

    Hi Steve, Would love to hear more about the prosperity pyramid.! I like the fact that you”re intergrating theory and personal experience. I know myself that rental ownership is tough work and people should know what they are getting themselves into. Also doing something you enjoy is really where it’s at but unfortunately many of us settle to whatever degree. As a semi retired person I am looking to get back into work force and could use some new ideas. Look forward to book.

    • Stephen J. Healey says:

      Hi John,

      For the prosperity pyramid check out the video blog on that subject. Pending the book the Manifesto will help in the meantime. Stay tuned!

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