Pictures of “The 1st Residential Renewables Open House”


Pictures of “The 1st Residential Renewables Open House”

This event was successful in that we had somewhere between 30 – 40 folks attend, lots of excellent interaction, everyone seemed to enjoy and gain from it, I was given some new ideas to pursue in full OCD mode asap [composting worms, hops growing trellis, +++] and our neighbors kids were wonderful greeters, servers and hosts.

If you’d like to see more pictures from this event click here: Pics.

To help us understand the market potential for “Future Residential Renewables Offerings”, beyond Solar and Geothermal, it would help us immensely if you would take two minutes to complete this: 1st Survey!

Once we understand where the demand is then we’ll develop our next level offerings.

For introductory and in depth educational information on Solar and Geothermal please go to

We counsel our clients on financing and tax credit cash flow strategies that can make these investments nearly zero out of pocket.

Many who responded to the prior survey called “What is Your BIGGEST Life Challenge?” here: requested help with Self-Reliance.

So I’ve added a new section to my  website called exactly that here

To assist me in understanding how best to help you I’d appreciate it if you would take two more minutes to complete this: 2nd Survey!

Given that I only gave one week’s notice for this event, and it was a summer weekend, the attendance level was good, plus it was good practice.

We plan to offer the 2nd Residential Renewables Open House in the spring of 2017. By that time hope to have implemented geothermal heating-cooling-hot water, composting worms and more!

The only change is that we’ll being doing the guided tour in a continuous loop all afternoon so you can arrive and join in whenever you want.

In Light!

To Create Light, We Must Face the Darkness, Head On, and Then Light Our Own Fire!

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