Re-Creation In Motion: Part 2 (or Hey, I got CANNED…)

It’s been a long time since you heard from me.
Lots going on, some good, some bad, that’s life, huh!

The good I grow, the bad I flip on its back to turn it to good, somehow,
or at least give it a bloody nose, you know me…

I’ve learned a lot since I launched my book offering last November.
The first is that my readers need help to implement the holistic system I invented.
You know, “The Prosperity Pyramid.”

I included all the exercises I call “The Work” in the book.
I’d hoped it could be used as a standalone workbook.
I’m told that doesn’t cut it.

So here’s what I’m going do:

What?  From now on the primary purpose of these communications is to help you apply The Prosperity Pyramid to your life.

How?  Through real life applications and extensions of my book, both mine and yours.

Why?  Theory and paper exercises are one thing, manifesting them into the real world, quite another. Better to do it before you get pushed off the cliff! Growing wings in free fall is terrifying…

What Else?  I’m also offering services to help you get off the mark and make it happen for you and your family. Check them out at the Services tab on my website. Please let me know if you’re interested ( I’ll make it entertaining, fun and deeply meaningful!

Now, here’s a real life application….
Mine, for now. I welcome yours when you’re ready!

Oh yea, one caveat, I don’t know how to offer tangible value in sound bites.
Nor do I want to pepper you with too many minimally valuable communications.

I’m going to shoot for one, two, maybe once in a long while, three, posts per month.
And only if I can offer substance you can ponder and apply, not more internet noise.

Also, I’ll try to provide value over a range of topics, so there is something for everyone.
If you have ideas for how to deliver it differently, or for specific topics, please tell me on the blog.

Re-Creation: Part 2
A Sequel in the Mini-Series of My Crazy Life!


Do you remember this post called Mid-Life Re-Creation in Motion! from December 2011?
Remember how happy I was I had this consulting assignment, with all its wonderful upsides?

Well I got canned after 6 months!
That stinks huh! Well not really…. Here’s why…

One of the reasons I went in was so my friend Ken (a founder), who canned me by the way, and I might be able to:

    1. Co-Invent a Nano-Nutraceutical.
    2. Apply it to the Anti-Aging Market.
    3. Build a division or business around it that I could lead.

Well that possibility still exists, just can’t happen within the company proper.
So the seed has been firmly planted, time will tell if it spouts. Seeds are good!

So why is this so exciting anyway?

Remember from my book that my 4 driving lifetime right work (professional) passions were:

    1. Transformational Author, Speaker and Servant Guide, offering Substance, Tools, and Tangible Results, not Hype.
    2. Vitality Extension. I will extend my health, fitness and vitality into old age, help others do the same and build a business out of this.
    3. Be a Key Driver in the Development and Commercialization of a Green, Sustainable, Contributing Technology.
    4. Inventor.

This would unify 2, 3 and 4 all into one! Kool huh…
Am I going to count on this? No, but this is a good seed.

So how can you apply this?

List what your driving lifetime right work (professional) passions are right now!
Come on, please, I’m tryin to help ya…

How might you combine multiple right work passion into one?
Sometimes simply asking the question brings forth new ideas.

What seeds can you plant, where ever you are now, or elsewhere?
You might be surprised at what can pop out of the earth, if you’ve cultivated it.
Some folks call it LUCK. I think we create our own luck.

What do I miss the most about this work?

The people. Gary, Ken, Carl, and all the good folk I worked with there,
having a place to go where I was physically present with a strong, incredibly intelligent team,
and the excitement of being involved at the leading edge of BioNanoTech.

This technology is at a brave new frontier of science.
The intersection of inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry and biology.

I expect it to deliver wonderful results, including a highly targeted breast cancer therapy.
I want to see this company succeed so bad I can taste it, plus I have friends there.
And, I learned a lot, quick, what a trip!

BTW: My last day was on Friday June 29th.
That same day I had my friends Gary, Ken (who canned me ), and Carl to my home for lunch.

I shared with them the child’s paradise,

garden - sculpture sanctuary

Photographs courtesy of Alex Garfield (PEACE OF CLOTHCure By Design , Connor's HeroesDress for Success)

and ever more self-reliant homestead

I’ve created with my own hands and the sweat of my brow.

We ate on my little deck, overlooking the wetlands below.

Photographs courtesy of Alex Garfield (PEACE OF CLOTHCure By Design , Connor's HeroesDress for Success)

We laughed raucously, had a good time and tried to talk as little about work as possible.

Life was good.
We will remain friends, and maybe even create a venture together, someday soon.

So, WTH(eck) have I been doing since?

A lot, stand by, that’s coming up in Mid-Life Re-Creation: Part III!
Hey, this may be one of those sequels that never ends.
But I hope it’s a lot better than that last “Expendables”, ughh!















Last, I have a simple, but critical, request for you, let me explain..

I hired a friend to implement SEO for my website to try to spread the message better.
I’ve been struggling mightily with that…

I’m trying to sort of re-launch the book again today.
If you could do any of these things it would help me and those who need my book:

  1. Tell Your Friends
  2. Share on FaceBook, Linked-In and Twitter.
  3. Write a review on Amazon.

Remember, based on the honor system anyone is welcome to the PDF version of my book for FREE if they’re:

  • Unemployed.
  • Underemployed.
  • Feeling crushed by their job, but desperately afraid of losing it.
  • Or their 401K has been hit hard and their concerned it won’t ever recover in time.

And they can download it here Free PDF.

In Light!


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