Or as former President Bill Clinton once said: "It’s the Economy, Stupid!"

Once upon a time I was insulated from all this screaming, roller coaster mayhem. Or so I thought.

After college, I worked from 1979 straight through to 2002, twenty-three mostly good years. Many of them wonderful, especially in retrospect.

The 1980s was the best decade of my life. I had a good job I loved and was appreciated for, and I made good money. On crisp autumn weekends, my love and I would mount my magnificent Harley - stroked, ported, polished, loud and fast.

She would tuck in behind me and we would become one with the bike, accelerating into our happy, love-infused, myopic little lives. The power, speed and grace of my then radical bike and my consummate skill in laying it over until the pipes scraped into sparks, made us laugh and accelerate harder. The coolness of the air, the sun warming our black jackets as we flew, free and happy, made us feel that all was right with the world. We were totally alive… and utterly clueless.

When the 1990s came, everything began to shift, imperceptibly at first… then with an increasing velocity that spun our heads. I wondered, is it just me who feels these global, economic tectonic shifts beneath my feet?

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In the early 1990s I recognized an emerging and disturbing trend in much of corporate America. What had once been a good place to work was becoming increasingly pressured and ugly. Pay and benefits were declining. Work demands for excessive hours were escalating fast.

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