The New Money Map


Connect the Dots:

Number 1, the new world economic order is wreaking havoc on the middle class in America. We’ve got to see the bullet train coming at us first and then we can get out of the way, but time is of the essence, as per these posts:

Second, we have to help our families make the paradigm shift to the “New Money Map.” Then we won’t get obliterated by that bullet train, we’ll jump on, commandeer and steer it! And, even better, we’ll thrive, and help others do the same, as per this post:

Third, one aspect of the New Money Map is vastly increasing our level of self-reliance. My vision is to build a family based, ever-more self-reliant homestead, on half a suburban acre, help others do the same and create a business out of it.

The posts above are essential reading leading into my offerings below because now I’m going to be stating things in no uncertain terms that may sound harsh, but are driven by love, and are exemplified by this statement:

I will provide for and protect those I love no matter what happens, including total collapse.

Therefore what I offer here will be framed as follows:

  1. Framework (+ Planning)
  2. Food (+ Water)
  3. Firewood (+ Utilities + Shelter)
  4. Firearms (+ Protection + Security + Egress + Bows)
  5. First Aid (+ Medical)
  6. Fuel (+ Vehicle)
  7. Financial (+ Gold + Silver + Barter)
  8. Fun (+ Moonshine)

If you feel as I do then I know you’ll find value in what is to follow. If you can contribute insight, tools and help to others, that would be most welcome on my Facebook Page. Truly, we are all in this together.

I’ve been at this a long time and have a lot of good content and useful tools in most of the areas above. On the other hand I want to prioritize what I refine and upload first based on your interest areas. If you would complete this quick 2nd survey relative to the framework laid out above that would help me serve you and yours:

2nd Survey!

Right now I’ve got some information uploaded in the following areas and would encourage you to explore them, especially the second one for more information on the honey bees you may have seen at the Residential Renewables Open House.

  1. Framework (+ Planning)
  2. Food (+ Water)

“Living consciously reflects the conviction that sight is preferable to blindness; that respect for the facts of reality yields more satisfying results than defiance of the facts of reality; that evasion does not make the unreal real or the real unreal; that you are better served by correcting your mistakes than by pretending they do not exist; and that the more conscious you are of facts bearing on your life and goals, the more wisely and effectively you can act.”
— Nathaniel Branden



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