“Ok, I Screwed Up”

Ok, I screwed up in my last blog post, but not on the counsel about unemployment and business entities.  That stands firm, and yes, NYS is like the BORG, resist anyway.smiley face

What I should have done is explain better why we’re asking for your feedback on the survey…
And put the survey first.

Here’s the scoop:

We (my team and I) want to serve you with info and products that actually provide tangible results for you.  To do that we need your feedback, and others feedback too.

If you haven’t already completed the survey we’d appreciate it if you took a shot at it here:

Please take the super-short survey now

And, I'll tell ya, we're getting some very interesting feedback on this survey, which surprises me, a lot, so we'll compile it and share it with you too!

Next, leveraging off the business entity aspect, you might be interested in what I’m working on now, especially if you have an S-Corp.  As you may know, with an S-Corp you can designate how much of your income is salary (W-2) versus dividends, whereas with an LLC you cannot.

On the dividend part of S-Corp income you don’t pay Social Security tax (15.3%).  My objective is to optimize it so that I contribute “just enough” in the remaining years so that I maximize my SS future payments and minimize the tax I pay annually.

There are multiple levels to this optimization, this is just the start point.  If you’d like to keep more of your hard earned money or leverage a benefit you’re paying for, stand by…

Peace, Through Power!
(and knowledge is power, but only if you take aligned action)


Your feedback on my Facebook page here is most welcome!

Please, if you know of anyone suffering with unemployment,
under-employment or being emotionally crushed by their job, tell them they are
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