Money Talks and All Else Walks, Right? Part I

Well. what does prosperity mean in Mid-Life Re-Creation and, more importantly, can you "Show Me the Money!?" OK, here's how I define prosperity:

  1. Do work you love, that you're good at, appreciated for and paid to do.
  2. Create a life where you have balance and control, while making your highest contribution in every role of your life, especially as a parent.
  3. Be financially secure, while working towards financial independence, where your ongoing semi-passive income exceeds your expenses, long before you retire.
In essence, to create a life uniting family, home and work into a cohesive whole, rich in the warm glow of love, security, independence and contribution, despite any obstacle.
Here's my self assessment to date:

1. To do work you love, are good at, and appreciated and paid for.
  • I've been doing work I love since 2003. With every unanticipated "dislocation" I step forward to create work that is even more deeply aligned with my deepest desires and gifts.
2. To create a life of balance and control, where we make our highest contribution in every role, especially as a worthy parent.
  • I've identified 7 critical roles in my life. I'm pretty satisfied with 6 of the 7 and working hard to improve the 7th, while always reaching higher within them all.
  • I've managed to stay healthy, fit, vital and marginally sane.
  • Most importantly, I've managed to be a pretty worthy father, despite all our trials and tribulations.
3. Be financially secure, while working towards financial independence, where your ongoing semi-passive income exceeds your expenses long before you retire.
  • Despite being unemployed or under employed for 1.5 years, I paid off our mortgage in 2003 at the age of 48.
  • I have no bad debt: no vehicle loan, credit card debt, nothing.
  • I created a significant financial safety net for my family that could last us for years, if needed. This gave me the financial leeway to pursue more values aligned work, or as Rick Jarow calls it, "Right Livelihood."
  • In 2010 I created a semi-passive income stream from another business that covers my expenses for 1.5 years. I've used this to self-fund a yearlong sabbatical in which to complete my book, build business systems around it, create more semi-passive income streams and reach for even deeper alignment in my work and life.
How did I do this?
This will continue in following blog posts. Stay tuned!

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