What If You Could Use A Career Transition as a Springboard

to the Life of Your Dreams?

What if you could use a career transition, especially an excruciating midlife career change, as a springboard to create not only a second career, but meaningful work, multiple streams of income and financial security?

What if you could regain your work passion and be financially secure?

What if you could be working towards financial independence by creating passive income?

What if you could do this by tapping into the full extent of your gifts, skills and capacity?

What if you could do this by making your highest and best contribution and achieving your ultimate potential? (Self-Actualize as Abraham Maslow calls it.)

What if you could lead a life of passion, purpose and honorable profit, while also having balance and control?

Well you can!

Is it easy and quick?

No it is not.

Is it possible?

Yes, I do this every day of my life.

Can I help you do the same?

Yes I can!

How? Isn’t a Midlife Career Change Hard Enough?

First, you’ve got to realize that it is possible and really want it. Read my book offering for that piece…

Second, you must make the most difficult mindset change (or paradigm shift) relative to the new rules of money called the New Money Map. This isn’t Kansas anymore…

Third, apply the holistic system I invented called the “Prosperity Pyramid” to create and carve your path to a happy and prosperous life. In spite of this bewildering new world order!

Fourth, I can assist you as a servant guide in weaving it all together into a plan and help you carve your path. This path is as unique to you as the fingerprint of your soul. View my Services, and see how I can be your prosperity guide.

Am I a Career Coach?

No I’m not, but I can help you through a career transition, especially a brutal midlife career change. And I believe I can do it better than most any career coach or employment consultants can. All too many of them miss a critical component to make a successful, permanent change.  View my Services.

What Does Prosperity Mean in Mid-Life Re-Creation?

This is the dictionary definition of prosperity:

pros.per.i.ty / -noun, plural -ties
1. a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition, esp. in financial respects; good fortune.
2. prosperities, prosperous circumstances.

This is what it Prosperity Means in Mid-Life Re-Creation:

  1. Do meaningful work that you’re good at, appreciated for and paid to do.
  2. Create a life where you have balance and control, while making your highest contribution in every role of your life. Especially as a worthy parent.
  3. Be financially secure, while working towards financial independence.

(Where financial independence is defined as your ongoing passive income exceeding your expenses, long before you retire.)

In essence, for me, this means to create a life uniting family, home and work into a cohesive whole, rich in the warm glow of love, security, independence and contribution.

What is Your Individual Definition?

Think about it, write it down, even now, while your mind is on auto, pondering what it is for you…

What would be meaningful work for you?

What did you once have work passion for?

How would it feel to turn a career transition, especially a tough midlife career change, into a second career with meaningful work, financial security, passive income and eventually, financial independence?

If even some parts of our definitions are in alignment, then I believe that Mid-Life Re-Creation will speak to you.

To be clear, my definition of prosperity is not solely financial, nor exclusive of financial concerns.

I’ve been among the ranks of the long term unemployed and vastly underemployed. Back then, when I looked in my little boy’s eyes, I felt this pain to my bones. It shook me to me to my core. It is why I wrote this book. I am simply compelled to help you.

But alas, as the Beatles correctly stated, “money can’t buy you love”, or happiness, can it… that part is up to each of us.

Certainly security and independence are tied to financials, but we don’t have to be millionaires to “live long and prosper” or be happy.

“The moral flabbiness born of the exclusive worship of the bitch-goddess success. That – with the squalid cash interpretation put on the word success – is our national disease.” –William James to H.G. Wells, September 11, 1906


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