If you woke up this morning without a job…
Or if the job you have is sucking the life-blood from your veins, 
yet you can’t imagine how you’d get by without it…
If you’re losing hope, feeling lost and sinking into despair…
… I wrote this book for you.

To Create Light, We Must Face the Darkness, Then Light A Fire!

BUY - Mid-Life Re-Creation How to Escape Corporate or Unemployment Hell And Create Prosperity with Passion, Purpose and Honorable Profit

Mid-Life Re-Creation Book by Steven J. Healey


“Steve Healey offers dynamic, no nonsense, hard hitting, and effective methods to transform your work and move from scarcity to abundance in your life. He has been through the fire and is therefore credible, convincing, and inspiring.”

-Rick Jarow, author of “Creating the Work You Love: Courage, Commitment, and Career"





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