A Message from Steve

A Message From Steve | A guide to Financial Security and Career TransitionThese are the essential questions of our times, our lives, our children’s lives and all future generations:

  • How do we create meaningful work, and achieve financial security, when we are being crushed down financially and struggling to survive? Especially during a midlife career change.
  • Is it possible, when our lives are in the midst of a gut wrenching career transition, to create our own destiny, thus transcending our circumstances?

I say yes, if we make that choice, build it on the right foundation, follow our internal compass, have the correct map, overcome self-limiting fear and take aligned action! We can regain our work passion, do meaningful work, turn a midlife career change into more than a second career. We can turn it into the life of our dreams!

My current book, Mid-Life Re-Creation, is all about taking the terror, sadness, frustration and anger of being unemployed, underemployed or loathing your job and flipping it over on its back. Like mental jujitsu you can use that negative energy to create meaningful work, financial security, leading to financial independence,  and a fulfilling life of balance and control.

My offering will help you define your own individual vision of holistic prosperity, create your unique path to achieve it and help you make your highest and best contribution with the gift of your life!

This book offers you the high value, pre-filtered tools I discovered and applied, the holistic system I created and the critical paradigm shifts I had to make. The stories of my trials, tribulations and success are weaved throughout. Emotionally, those stories range from despair in defeat, to a steadfast refusal to accept failure, from the paralysis of abject fear, to putting one foot in front of the other in order to move through that fear, from redemption to hope and, ultimately, taking flight.

The 15-year journey that led to the creation of this book was one of the longest and most brutal experiences of my life. This was far more than a career transition or midlife career change. It was a transformation. It’s been said that in order to do anything truly authentic in life we will be forced to walk through the valley of despair. In this valley we will be driven through a gauntlet of demons who will scream at us that we are too stupid, weak, inept and flawed to ever achieve what we so deeply desire to create with our lives.

These demons are our own self-limiting shadow side. They fill us with terror, paralyze us with fear and bring us to our knees. For far too many of us, the valley of despair is where our deepest dreams, and highest lifetime aspirations, die. They remain buried there for the remainder of our waning days.

This does not have to be.

It is possible to stand back up, look straight into the eyes of our shadow-side demons and move beyond them. We can walk back into hope and light, if we take aligned action. It is a choice.

I have trudged through my valley of despair, overcome my personal self-limiting demons, and achieved a good level of prosperity for my family and I. Plus I did it on my terms. Now, I’m absolutely compelled to help others accelerate through that dark place so you, too, can create your own path to holistic prosperity.

I offer you a map of the new unknown territory ahead, the rediscovery of your own internal compass and a luminous beacon of light. Your journey doesn’t have to be as hard, as long or as lonely as mine was.

You can use your response to adversity as a springboard to create the life you so deeply desire in your heart of hearts, to create your own destiny, despite any obstacle. It is not easy, but it is possible. If I can do it, so can you. Come with me!

“Optimum Lives Don’t just Happen, They Are Made to Happen.” -Alan Walter


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