Collapse Comes in Degrees…

The Rochester Windstorm of 2017 should have been a wakeup call to all those who are so utterly unprepared. Some of our neighbors were without power for 4-5 days. Many had started to “evacuate” their homes b/c the temperature had dropped into the high 30’s F in their homes. As I took my evening walk during that time I noticed there were only a handful of neighbors that even had generators. I wrote the following to offer aid and ideas…

Rochester Friends and Neighbors Impacted by Windstorm,

First, if you’re still w/o power stop by to warm up by our toasty wood stove today.

It’ll help you go from bone cold weary to royally roasted on both sides in no time!

Next, here are some ideas that might help you prep for the next time.

We lost power for one day but it’s no big deal for us b/c:

  1. We can heat the whole house with the woodstove.
  2. We can take hot showers b/c we have a NG fueled hot water tank.
  3. Lots of candles, flashlights and little pop up lamps for light.
  4. I have big jugs of ice frozen in the deep freezer in the basement that I transfer to the fridge to make it like an old fashioned ice box
  5. I keep the deep freezer “filled” with jugs and bottles of water, in addition to the food, so it operates more efficiently and will hold the cold longer

Although I do have grid tied solar, when the grid goes down so does the solar system, which to me defeats a significant part of the purpose. The way to overcome this is to have a hybrid grid tied solar system with deep cycle battery storage.  That is on my list right after geothermal, which we’re implementing now.

Once we have solar, geothermal and battery storage we’ll be “almost” completely energy independent, eliminated the burning of fossil fuels for energy and using predominately renewable energy, with one exception. The NG fueled hot water tank is a challenge to eliminate in this climate, even using a combination of geo supplied supplemental hot water and solar thermal hot water. So the next mission will be to figure out a cost effective way to overcome that as the last step for home energy independence. Then on to the electric car!


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