Design & Build the Perfect Cistern
for Your Family!


“At times of great winds, some build bunkers, while others build windmills.”
– Ancient Chinese Proverb

“Either Or?
The Hell With That, Do Both”
– Steve

Now, when it comes to self-reliance, these are the main priorities:

I’m starting here with water and there are two pieces to that: Collection and Purification. This post is focused on collecting rain water and what is practically feasible where you live from the rain forests of Oregon to the deserts of Nevada.

Based on this you could actually design and build the “Perfect Cistern for Your Family,” yourself!

Or, I can assist, with different levels of offerings at the end of this post.


First question, why would you even want to build a cistern to collect rain water anyway?

Some possible answers:

  1. Because the water where you live is nasty.
  2. To cut expenses, long term.
  3. To become ever-more self-reliant.
  4. To support sustainability by thinking globally and acting locally.
  5. To teach your child to work with their head and hands; to develop, design, build, trouble-shoot, and optimize.
  6. Because building stuff and optimizing systems is therapeutic for you (and me).
  7. To prepare for the end of the world, as we know it. (New World Economic Order, like it or not… This isn’t Kansas anymore, is it, Toto?)

If cutting expenses is your paramount reason, then you need to assemble a table like this:

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