A beautiful riff on adversity…

This is worth listening to with your children and spouse close at your side, your arms around them...


May it speak to you!


As An Entrepreneur, What Challenges Can I Expect?


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As an entrepreneur, your biggest challenge may just be your own shadow self. When you start a business, you must be willing to meet that shadow head on. You can do it. You must do it if you want to to experience entrepreneurial success. I just released my new book Mid-Life Re-Creation which maps out how I did it and more importantly, how you can do it.

A distant dream becomes a reality… finally!

Today I release my first book Mid-Life Re-Creation: How to Escape Corporate or Unemployment Hell and Create Prosperity with Passion, Purpose and Honorable Profit.

I have poured my heart, soul, intellect, energy, time and money into this offering. I have taken enormous risk in doing so. I am at once excited, relieved to finally have it out into the world and, to be totally honest, apprehensive.

My greatest hope is that this book will truly serve those who need it and cascade forward to their children, perhaps in ways I haven’t yet imagined.

Some of it will be controversial, and I expect to be attacked. On the other hand, I believe the message is urgent and that time is of the essence for millions of American families.

The book is available as a paperback, digital download, Kindle and Nook at this link:


May this book bring hope and light to those in despair.

May it offer substance, tools and tangible results to those willing to do the work. This is required to create your unique, individual “map” to prosperity.

May it help ease and speed the excruciating paradigm shift to the new rules of money. This is your “compass” in this bewildering, global economic shift.

May it help us all remain steadfast on our right path as we strive to create our own destiny, despite any obstacle.

Most of all, may we provide a beacon of light for our children, such that they thrive.

In Light!


P.S. If you feel so inspired, please spread the word about this book release. Thank you.

To Create Light, We Must Face The Darkness, Then Light A Fire!

How Can I Create Multiple Streams of Income With A Demanding Job?


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A demanding job can make creating multiple streams of income look like a pipe dream. But with determination you can learn to put aside non essential activities and fit it in. Some of my most productive times for me have been when I've been excessively busy, because you use every minute of every day because you have to. You can do this...if you really want it.

Should I Salvage My Career Or Start A Business?


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How do you know? If you desire to salvage your career then you probably should try. However, it might be time to start a business...but you need to be prepared. I share my thoughts on how to make the decision. Have you gone from employee to entrepreneur? How did you decide?

I’m good at my job, done well financially, but feel like I’m battling against who I really am. What can I do?


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How Can I start A Business With Little Or No Money?

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Starting a business with little or no money is very doable and can set you on the road to escaping unemployment or corporate hell, while on the way to financial independence. But there is no quick fix or magic bullet. Be prepared to work and persevere.

[Read more...]

Is Real Estate Investing For Me?


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Experts having been lauding real estate investing as possibly the most powerful passive income stream among multiple streams of income. But I'll tell you, real estate can be brutal. And sometimes the pundits gloss over the brutality. I can tell you as someone who did seven flips and five rentals in three years, it was one of the most brutal learning lessons of my life. You can mitigate the horrors that you hear about real estate but you have to go in with your eyes open. I share [Read more...]

What Are The Keys To Creating Multiple Streams of Income?

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The key to creating multiple streams of income and reaching your goal of financial independence, whether through starting a business, real estate investing or a number of other paths, is to just get started...DO SOMETHING. Everything doesn't have to be perfect, JUST GET STARTED. I share some of what I did in [Read more...]

Money Talks and All Else Walks, Right? Part I

Well. what does prosperity mean in Mid-Life Re-Creation and, more importantly, can you "Show Me the Money!?" OK, here's how I define prosperity:

  1. Do work you love, that you're good at, appreciated for and paid to do.
  2. Create a life where you have balance and control, while making your highest contribution in every role of your life, especially as a parent.
  3. Be financially secure, while working towards financial independence, where your ongoing semi-passive income exceeds your expenses, long before you retire.
In essence, to create a life uniting family, home and work into a cohesive whole, rich in the warm glow of love, security, independence and contribution, despite any obstacle.
Here's my self assessment to date:
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