Re-Creation In Motion: Part 2 (or Hey, I got CANNED…)

It’s been a long time since you heard from me.
Lots going on, some good, some bad, that’s life, huh!

The good I grow, the bad I flip on its back to turn it to good, somehow,
or at least give it a bloody nose, you know me…

I’ve learned a lot since I launched my book offering last November.
The first is that my readers need help to implement the holistic system I invented.
You know, “The Prosperity Pyramid.”

I included all the exercises I call “The Work” in the book.
I’d hoped it could be used as a standalone workbook.
I’m told that doesn’t cut it.

So here’s what I’m going do:

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Ask Questions / Get Answers / Give Feedback!

Join us for a Free Question and Answer Conference Call (30-60 min):

  • My objective with these calls is to help you apply and extend the concepts in the book. To get you past sticking points.
  • It is very important for all those participating to have read the entire book, so that I don’t just end up repeating what is in the book. Please!
  • Just enter your requests for this call, your questions and feedback to this post. Once I have enough then I’ll schedule a conference call and let everyone know.

BTW: This post stays at the top. More recent posts follow below.

Stephen R. Covey ~ A Reflection

I'd like to acknowledge Stephen R. Covey's unfortunate passing. I gained so much from his teachings.  They helped me be a better man, strive to be a worthy father and set me on a course for my life that was aligned with my ultimate "end in mind." I'm not there yet, but I take aligned action every day of my life.

Stephen R. Covey was real, he was a good man and he made an enormous contribution. I aspire to the same.  To stand for something of significance, to create a legacy...

I wish his family peace.

For more details about Stephen's passing, please click here.

I invite you to share your thoughts by commenting on this Blog post.



People with Purpose Interview

This 40 minute interview will help those who would rather listen than read.
Jill also drew out of me some good points I may not have made as well in the book.

May this Serve You and Yours!
The PDF version of my book is free here:

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SageAdvisers Teleseminar – Feb 15 Mid-Life Re-Creation: How to Escape Corporate/Unemployment

Mark your Calendar for Tomorrow at Noon!  I'll be the featured speaker on the SageAdvisors Teleseminar series, hosted by Cheri Hill, President and Founder of Sage International, Inc.  Join us as we discuss Mid-Life Recreation. Please tell anyone that this could help! Details in this special announcement below:

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Kodak Noise, Ughh

There is much ado about Kodak’s bankruptcy situation being bandied about. Many of the bandiers have no experience of it, nor actual insight, just blind opinions. It only adds to a deafening cacophony of useless noise. It’s all too easy to criticize when your butt isn’t in the hot seat. Let’s make some of the armchair critics the CEO and see how they do.

I worked for Kodak from 1979 until 1990, when I opted to leave with their BioTech spin out called Genencor, thank goodness! It was a very good place to work. I didn't realize then how good. I remember the day and place I made the decision to leave with vivid clarity. I was in the cafeteria in building 82 at lunch, it was sunny and blustery cold outside and I told a few of my friends. [Read more...]

Down with Resolution, Up with Breaking Failed Patterns, like Resolutions…

We’ve all seen it and perhaps experienced it, alcoholism, divorce and co-dependency. They create a chain of tragedy and sorrow that cascades through the generations, as if genetically predetermined. It is easy to see in others, like watching a movie, but not so easy to see in ourselves, perhaps because we are in the movie unconsciously playing out our “assigned” parts.


Will we allow our children, and future generations, to be thus shackled and sacrificed on this bizarre altar? Can we resolve to break that chain and free our children from repeating the failed patterns of the past? I’m convinced that one of the essential elements to creating a prosperous life is to recognize these self sabotaging patterns and then actively work to break them. Easily said, hard to do. Rick Jarow, my friend and mentor (author of “Creating the Work You Love: Courage, Commitment and Career”), speaks to this better than I ever could, as follows below.


May it Serve You and Yours!

Stephen [Read more...]

Re-Creation in Motion: Part 1 (or Hey, I got a GIG!)

I have some good news I feel compelled to share with you, not to be self-absorbed, but because it offers tangible examples of Mid-Life Re-Creation in motion. My hope is it gives you ideas to apply in your life. Try to think about how you might as you read ok.

For those of you who have already read Mid-Life Re-Creation you know I was able to co-create through my BioFuels and BioTech consulting business in 2010 a semi-passive stream of income that would cover my expenses for one and a half years. I choose to use that money to self fund a sabbatical for a year (2011) to write Mid-Life Re-Creation and invest in My Team to help me build the web based business systems around it, self publish it and honorably promote it. Although this year has been a very creative period, it has also been very isolating (although I love my virtual team) and lacking any strong technology focus. I’m tired of working out of my home office or being a coffee shop nomad, plus I find myself actually craving being back at the intersection of technology and business, while working face to face with a strong team. [Read more...]

Offering a beacon of light before the holidays….

I’m giving the Digital PDF version of Mid-Life Re-Creation to 1,000 people that are unemployed or underemployed for $1.

This will be first come, first serve, and based on the honor system.

My hope is that it will offer a beacon of light to those who need it before the holidays and help spread the word.

You can get the $1 PDF here: [Read more...]

If you’re facing Hospice for an elder, this can help…

For so many of us at mid-life we find ourselves juggling our children, our spouses, our jobs, if we're fortunate enough to have one, or worse, unemployment, and multiple elders who need increasing levels of attention and care.

I managed care for my grandmother, father and mother, where it seemed like a life of rolling crisis for many years. There are many things that can be done to preclude some of the unnecessary legal problems, but I'll address that in a future post. This is for those of you that are facing a choice of Hospice care for someone you love now, or in the not too distant future. [Read more...]

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